Conveyor belts direction

In previous version it was possible to see the direction of the conveyor belt when we were building them. Now it’s not possible , only after they are build we can see clearly their direction , which makes many times incorrect .

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Please bug report this.

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I’ve answered this user multiple times, including on Steam forum. Answer still remains the same:

If you scroll in to magnify while placing, you can see the direction of the conveyor belt.

Once you place it (and before the conveyor is built), you can click the conveyor belt view icon to see the direction which shows the blue direction arrows. You may have to change levels and back to see the direction arrows. This works only with high speed conveyors.

Anyway it looks not very confortable , as it was before, specially when we are placing a long distance conveyor belts. I guess this should be fixed at the old way as it was before.

If you are on the experimental branch there is currently a bug with arrows not always being visible. It will be fixed with the next version. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Hope to see it soon , as it becomes terrible to build conveyor belts. Spend time to build and demolish because it goes in other direction that i want.

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