Conveyor belt system layout not working with security setup

I have struggled with this game for many weeks and I have kept restarting every time I’ve not got things completely right. I finally got my conveyor belts working . I started without security to make sure I got the basic one working first, then I started building the security which I managed to get working properly or so I thought . I used the first check then the 5 checks and one manned station. I was so pleased to get it running ok but it wasn’t as it kept letting dangerous baggage through and getting fined. So I thought I would up the security and made it go through 3 manned security stations only to find guns, drugs and explosives still getting through and to make things worse it was destroying toys and candy. I know games have bugs in but this game is just broken, pity because I really wanted this to work and instead of chilling it just stressed me out.

Can you drop a few screenshots of your conveyor belt layout?

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Check out the informitive wiki page: Baggage - Official Airport CEO Wiki


Used that to build it

The lower design is almost perfect. You just don’t need the third tier III station after all the tier IIs. The one that is by itself and closest to the bottom can be removed. Also, maybe add a staff room nearby so the tier III scanning stations are never unmanned

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