Conveyor Belt Nightmare

I am struggling with getting my Baggage bay to my baggage claim. I send it underground one level move it across and up a level , I make sure i have the arrows facing the right way but i still I get an exclamation mark over baggage claim . I have screenshots but one I haven’t been able to find out to post them and second I’m not sure if they show much ???

I think you need a certain number of posts before you are allowed to posts screen shot.

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There is a good baggage tutorial on the Wiki. May it helps to find the issue.

If not, do you use any tilt trays or floor transitions?

I went back and did it a different way and it worked but with me being a moron I restarted further back and will face it in the future lol. I went away from tutorial but it kept saying i hadn’t done something that I had done so went back to first missing job and started from there , Thanks

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