Conveyor belt logic

The current way belts work is by automatically choosing their direction based on what is around them, but the system cause too many issues, from belts who turn into another one and regardless how many times we try to fix it we can’t do anything to make it go the way we want because the game decided that he want the belt to end up in this particular direction, or even belt simply getting backward for no reasons in a straight line of belts just because we did not build them all at once.
I can’t count how many time I had the belts properly lay down but once constructed they were messed up…

I think the solution would be to have a belt logic equivalent to the one in the game Factorio, at least the base one as ACEO don’t need to be as complex of course, the logic is pretty simple, the belt direction is basically determined by which direction the player put them.

So the belt never turn automatically and always choose the player’s design, if we build a straight line the they are all in straight line, if we reverse one in the middle of a line, it should stay reversed.
And if we want to turn, we simply put a belt in the direction we want, so a “forward” belt followed by a “left” one will make a left turn, if we follow it by a “forward” one again, then it simply make an S.
And if we make a straight line then at the end and on the side put a 90° line, but the last belt of the first line isn’t turned toward/into the second line but just follow the first line, then the game shouldn’t try to fix it as the player may actually indent to do so and simply lets the two lines being next to each others.

Better having the player require to learn the only “special” thing being that at the end of a line if we want to turn, the last belt should be placed into the turn and not straight and then have player fixing their own mistake when they make one than having player constantly fighting against the game who try to help, but at the end really don’t.

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Just remove the “auto-directing” functionality from the belts. We already rotate them in the wanted direction, no need to “correct” that, after all I am the CEO.

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What do you mean ?

When you place belts, they sometimes turn by themselves into a different direction than in which you placed them.

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If the player places a belt unit, it already has an orientation and it should not be altered by the program.


Oh, okay, sorry I thought you meant my idea wasn’t practical and you meant we already can choose its orientation and there is no need to fix this feature :rofl:
Make senses now !


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