Hi, I have been playing this game for about 38 hrs. I am recently having problems with the contactors becuase they tend to freeze. Whenever I contruct something, as they go to the dropoff to get the boxes, the freeze there and dont move anymore. I have to restart the game just so they can move and do the construction. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? Thanks!

has your current contract expired? Try cancelling and taking out a new one.

I find that sometimes that they wait there for maybe a few hours, in game time, but eventually try to move. Try using the F10 control panel to fix it.

It is most likely a pathfinder system bottleneck issue. Try building the delivery site closer to what you are constructing to avoid long and complex contractor paths.

Could you maybe allow us to build delivery platforms on service roads?


What could also help is slowing the game down. On 3x speed I have also seen something similar, it doesn’t happen on 2x though. Maybe you can have a look at the debug panel F10. There is some statistics on path-finding. I believe if the “in queue” number rises above 0, you will see this kind of behavior. Try to control your games speed, so that this number gets down to 1 or 0 again.

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Yeah, this is a feature that we will implement but as of now it’s not prioritized.

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