Contractors should be able to use bathrooms, and seating within staff zones

Feature request title:

Contractors should be able to use bathrooms, and seating within staff zones, so that they can fill their stats bar and be more productive. It’s also more realistic of course, airports can have a contractor break room with everything necessary for the lads.

Why it should be implemented:

Unless the contractor productivity is irrelevant, in which case fair enough, it’s a bit tedious to have to send them back home and re-deploy every so often, and I’m sure many airports have works going on around the clock on tight schedules. Perhaps defining shift length for them could be another option (so they take the bus home at end of shift and come back a shifts’ length later?).

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As I remember, you can create a staff room eligible for contractors. And if I also remeber correctly, they can use the seatings there aswell. But I don’t know if that has any impact on their productivity.

If not dismissed, (build) contractors only stand there. Their energy and bladder bars are constantly on minimum in red and they won’t seat in any seat or desk nor use any toilets/bathroom. Additionally you can fit 200+ contractors in a 4x4 room and they will still work with full engagement whenever you get anything new to construct/deconstruct after standing exhausted and with full bladder in that room for a couple of days.

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Yeah that’s the issue as orb pointed out with more precision. They don’t use the seating and their stats are meaningless. I think if we’re being realistic on the contractor system it would be nice if they could use the bathroom facilities and staff seating areas, or the room assignment just becomes a place were they merrily stand together with all stats in the red x)

Good to know that they are still working fully engaged despite that I guess :slight_smile: that’s heavy motivation. Also weird that the smallest contracts have higher wages, they should be cheaper to hire to give players a reason to want to get a contract with a smaller workforce.

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