Contractors are not working and threw the goods everywhere

Hi ACEO developers,

It seems that after a while the contractors are not working any longer, even though there are still many pending building tasks. The contractors just stand on the ground, do nothing and delivered goods are thrown everywhere.

Dismiss then re-deploy workers doesn’t work.
Fire all contractors via debug panel (F10) doesn’t work either.
Cancel the construction contract then re-sign it can’t solve the issue.

I took screenshots to illustrate this bug. Please take a look.

Also, there is no output log in my game folder, I assume the reason is I haven’t experienced a CTD so far.

I have already filed this as a bug and sent it to the portal, Is anyone else have experienced this bug?
FYI, this bug still exists in the latest build (v0.21.5)

Any suggestion or reply would be greatly appreciated.


What are you trying to build? It looks like the contractors are not able to reach the work position.

Hi Fredrik,
I was building the conveyor system but suddenly there’s no contractor to work. Can you tell me how to know if they are not able to reach the destination, I have built the doors on the walls which they may walk through.

However, do I need to build a sidewalk on the offloading area? But I thought they work fine at the start.
I have sent my save with attached screenshots to the bug system portal, I hope it would help.


Are there no contractors because you sent them all home…?

Try calling them back? Contractors can walk anywhere so unless part of your airport is completely inaccessible then it should be fine. Make sure you have a door into your baggage bay?