Contractors and stands

Contractors are able to walk through runway (and I think taxiway too) but they can’t navigate through stands, forcing them to make potentially a large deviation.
If there is something they shouldn’t cross is the runway.
Also they don’t use crosswalk.

Contractors are designed to go everywhere by walking over/in/around everything on their path no matter it is in a zone or something like an active runway. This is not a bug.

I mean, I have a row of small aircraft stand (all touching each others) and the contractor avoid them, but they cross the runway without issue, shouldn’t they wall across the stand too ?

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Agreed. The contractors walk like they are some kind of half-gods, why not let them walk like gods?

But then, it’s a minor issue in IMHO

Yep, though I placed stands and removed them, while on pause and the contractor made a strange deviation around the non existing stands…

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