"contract must be completed in 4 days"

contract proposal with airline company, says that “contract must be completed in 4 days”

what does it mean ?

it’s says that we must accomplish all flights schedule in 4 days in a week ?
contract lasts for 4 days ?

It mean all the flights from that contract should be completed within 4 days.

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I’ve always wondered about this, is it from the moment the contract is accepted or from the moment the first flight is scheduled?

Yeah I’m not too clear about that one as well that’s why I accept contracts after 12 o’clock at night. Hopefully someone has an answer

from the moment it is accepted.

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I thought it’s from the moment the contract is offered to you :thinking:
The “Expired” date you see on the overview seems to be the date that they offered it to you (it’s always in the past or today, so it can’t really be the expiration date…)

It’s confusing, I’d really like to see the specific day when it has to be completed in the overview or at least when you open the contract.

Maybe you could give the contract an expiery date


love this idea ! +1 will be cool to have the exp date too

I waint until 00:01 to accept new contracts.

Because when it says 3 days, and I sign a contract at 16:00 on a Thursday, does it mean it has to be completed by 16:00 on a Sunday, or is it Saturday 23:59? I am not sure, never tested this.

Most likely exactly 3 sets of 20 hour intervals, not positive on that though, we would need @Olof or @Fredrik to answer this

ATM its so easy to make money I just take contracts when i feel like filling a few days of my flight planner. Sometimes the whole week is scheduled. If I’m actually fined or take a reputation hit, it doesn’t matter. There does need to be an explanation for the date and terms though. Usually every airline has a contract at my airport as i like to keep all gates at least 3 flights per day.

I try to keep certain parts of my airport for certain airlines.
So Terminal A has a few gates that are themed blue, Terminal B has some orange theming, etc.

I rename my stands to remember it. So “Maple A1”, “Swiftly B1” etc

Ok dumb mode intitated!!!

you can rename stuff…

damn it i was gonna play Forza 7 tonight now i gotta play ACEO again thats every night since Saturday…

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