Context menu on escalator stairs

I just noticed that toilets have a context menu and you can clean, repair, paint and name them. (Name? Okay… like an Ikea toilet? “Tronen” or so?)

I am missing that context menu on escalator stairs. I want to turn them on and off, clean, repair and yes, name them. If I can name a toilet seat…
I’m mainly keen on disabling them… don’t want the pax and employees walk around everywhere until I’m ready…

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The functionality you’re talking of is not fully available at this point, although might easily be sorted. One thing we should fix though is to have “up” or “down” text on the construction overlay for escalators. Thoughts, @Fredrik?


If not “up” and “down”, I’d rather see “top” and “bottom”

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Yes, Rather what part is top and bottom, because we will decide if it goes up/down or both? Still waiting for that option :wink:

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You can see which side is the top and which is the bottom. The top (red arrow) is longer than the bottom (green arrow), i.e., there is a larger gap between the wall and stairs at the bottom.

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