Construction Workers

Idle Construction Workers

It is bugging me that the construction worker just hang around when they finished a task.
In real life, some good workers would go to the foreman/supervisor and ask for new tasks. At least waiting outside his office for the next task.
There should be a slider or other way to say that x% of idle worker should return to drop off point, so that they are ready for the next build.
So why not all of them? It is nice to have some demolition work done quickly :slight_smile:

You dismiss them when you have no more building and call them back when you do.

or you could build them a little staff room for them and assign it just to them

If you check out the Jira you’ll see that one of the improvements awaiting development is [ACEO-28]: “Contractors should fall back to drop off site if all construction is complete and no suitable staff room is found”.

So for the time being either build a staffroom or dismiss them :slight_smile:


Dismiss them. You’re paying for them to be standing around. Or dismiss some of them if there is still some work to do.

As Daniel said, an issue is in the pipeline and might get processed this weekend! :slight_smile:

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I built a little staffrom close to the drop off site.
They still keep standing around and ignore the room completly…

But back to my point.
I have dismissed over half of my workers, have apx 30 left onsite.
So I would like to mannage those left. 20 back to the drop of site and 10 standing around waiting for demolition work or other.

Or the other way around.

So are your staff members actually using staff areas set aside just for them? I can’t get it to work. I have my offices set so just the board members can enter, but I have construction workers, normal staff, ramp agents, et cetera in my offices. I can understand janitors coming in to clean, but not to hang out.

I do set the rooms for who can use them, so if there is a secret that I’m not aware of, please do share how you get your peeps to abide by what the room is set for.

I haven’t played in a few days so I don’t know if updates have changed it, but generally I had no issues with getting designated staff to use their rooms. Just double checking that everything is zoned correctly and you have no rogue boxes ticked allowing others in?

That is correct. It is zoned correctly and just the board members are ticked.

And just to make sure what I think is zoned correctly, I have the room zoned for staff.

Hmmmm I have to admit I haven’t played much recently, so it might have gone and bugged itself, but otherwise I’m not sure. I haven’t heard of anyone with similar issues. You’re always welcome to send me your save to have a look at if you’d like :slight_smile:

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