Construction Vehicles

I have tried looking this up but I was Thinking of things like dump trucks steam rollers and other things to speed up building such as building a runways and having to use concrete by calling in a cement trucks and steam rollers to come and make them more easy and even accelerate the process such as building a foundation for a building and even have vehicles to bring supplies so they don’t have to walk a long distance to get materials and walk back


This would be good to see later on in the development cycle. Some form of construction vehicle is a must, even if it is just a simple buggy to move large quantities of materials / or drop of smaller quantities where they are required before a construction worker fits it into place.

Im on the fence about this one. im not sure it would add a lot of gameplay value and would even slow down construction

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But more realistic do you thing they just lay down a runway piece by piece

Thats why im on the fence :slight_smile: but these would be vehicles with special AI. That takes time. At this time i dont think it adds enough :slight_smile:

This is a nice idea! It may not really add that much to the game, but it would be cool to see that if you hire a bigger/better construction company, they use better materials and work faster.

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This is a great idea! At least, I’d love to see service pickup trucks/utes that the workers can drive and transport other workers/materials to help them get around the airport faster. This could be a purchasable vehicle, maybe that we unlock?

Maybe we could procure vehicles to speed up construction. Would cost money, but I would cash for it immediately.

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