Construction of the my giant and spectacular airport

In these moments of construction and the burning of money in the project of my airport, it is in the actual phase:


Im very very worse than Elon Musk spending money hahahahahhahahahaahah :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sounds very familiar :smiley: , just know I dont play sandbox mode :wink:

Well, yes, but I use the trick of editing carefully in Funds to inject more money into the project :rofl::rofl::rofl:

To be honest - I think it is still relativly easy to make money. You only have to be a bit patient in the beginning and - after having basic GA-structures in place - let a few days pass without big building activities.
After the new update, I started a new airport at difficult. Now, ingame year 3 started and I just purchased the first land expansion and am now about to expand the terminal and add the first medium stand.
I have at maximum one loan at the same time.

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Hello, seriously, I prefer to use the trick of editing funds in Notepad ++, instead of getting into debt it does not mean that I am doing badly, but it is another way in how I get money in the game to finance the construction . Its like playing to seek money in investors, using the imagination. Or that I am paying for the construction of my pocket, which came from a legacy of a mysterious and millionaire uncle who died casually hahaha :rofl:

Each person has their way of playing the game, and all the ways of playing it must be valid. Do not you think?

A big hug and keep growing Airport CEO! :smiley:

You can Always win the lotery with motherlode ^^


Well, my actual airport has swallowed around 250 millions, for now :smile:

So I prefer adding some venture capital with notepad, too :wink:

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