Construction Materials dried up

I’ve been constructing another terminal on my current build, and the supply of construction materials has stopped. The first time, I tried a save/reload, and still nothing, but when I added another couple of new things, a delivery came through, but not enough to complete the construction.

Bug reported, ACEO-34297

Construction still to be completed (plus a couple of medium Security stations on Level 1)

I’m currently dismissing all the contractors, because I’m not paying for them to stand around doing nothing. They can come back when the construction materials have been delivered.

Can we please put some priority on getting an enhanced airport entrance? The delivery truck is probably stuck in this lot somewhere, but I have my doubts…

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After a save/reload, and several hours later…

My request regarding the entrance road still stands…

That’s most likely the issue. Multiple world entries are planned for beta 5 or beta 6 I think. It’ll come! :slight_smile:


Another bug report for this issue, ACEO-35627.

Theres no traffic queue to hold deliveries up this time, it’s a new airport. Cannot understand why construction materials aren’t being delivered. Game Save and Reload didn’t clear issue.

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I’m looking into it! :slight_smile:

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