Construction does not continue after loading a game

Hi guys,

my constructors stopped building my objects, which a far away from the bus stops. Any idea how to solve this problem? I use the entire space for that airport - so it’s extremely large.

You have unfinished terminal foundation locked in inside your terminal, as it is closest they want to build that first but they can’t reach it, put some doors in the walls.


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I am having a very similar problem… I built a massive airport, edited the save file to be 50million, edited the map to be about 40% larger, built it all on pause, hit the go button… and it came to a screaching halt… since the recent patch, construction has my guys wandering through areas that aren’t built as though they are… take forever to load… it usually does, so I"m saying it’s much more now than before… when it loads… FPS is terrible, nothing is getting built.

Thank you so much, that was the problem. :slight_smile:

Well, the world size is limited for a reason. If you build a massive airport on a world that’s 40 percent larger than what we support, all on pause, I’d expect you to have serious FPS issues when launching the construction phase. You’ve most likely got thousands of objects that the order system needs to process, coupling that with contractors that need to do very long and complex path-finding.


Pfft, 40%
I’ve got one going all the way to the blue tiles.
And on that note, i never use mofified save games as a reference for bugs, always recreate them on a normal save to check it’s authenticity


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You could use the ‘no building simulation’ in the F10 menu if you want to built large airports, or ‘quick’ test airports.

@dewitjur And on that note, i never use modified save games as a reference for bugs, always recreate them on a normal save to check it’s authenticity

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This bug should be fixed as of Alpha 29.9-5, would be happy to hear if that’s the case or not!

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But I wanna build a super airport dad. Pleeeeease!!!

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