Constant re-zoning

Anyone else having the issue of items continually having to be re-zoned to get passengers to use them. Especially seating and toilets in secure areas.



The only zone issue I see happens when I remove walls. The area under walls are non-secure so removing them can cause zone issues

and then re-zoned and

I’m not sure what I’m looking at here. I know you’re talking about having to re-zone but I do not see any comparison between the images. Sorry if that makes no sense either.

I zoomed out showing no one using the area and then re-zoned as secure and the passengers use it. Same issue with shops and toilets in the secure areas. Beleive another user had a similar issue but cannot find the thread.

Ah, I do remember the devs saying to not put seating right next to a wall.

Are you sure you are not just enable/disable zone view? There is a specific button at the bottom left of screen.

This issue was up a while back, when reloading a game.

Think it was reported in jira a while back, when do you encounter it?

On loading a game actually so if it is a known issue am sure the Devs have it in hand! Thanks @jasperwillem

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What is your version ID? Maybe make an extra bug report about the issue.

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