Constant Delays?

Hi all. I recently opened my airport and I am receiving a large amount of delays, and these two aircraft (along with some others) are simply staying delayed. I saw this ‘locked stand connection’ message and thought it was maybe because I had a door infront of the jetbridge entrance, so I removed it, and it is still occurring. All of the other flight requirements are complete (catering etc), but boarding simply won’t start. I also notice that there is no staff member at the desk?

What’s your PAX arrival section like? How many bus stops/subways? Can you show the progress monitor? Press ‘G’ to show it. Also a pic of the the arrivals showing the the afore mentioned too.

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Open the flight process panel by pressing G and see what the issue is with those two particular flights. If for example no passengers have made it through security you’re experiencing a security check-point bottle neck and I’d suggest dismissing those flights manually (press the red cross button on the stand panel). But yeah, you need to survey that panel to see what’s wrong.

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I think I may not have enough check-in counters. I have 10, and I have 12 gates.

Forgot to upload the image.

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One check-in desk for 75pax should let you work out how many desks you need.

Yeah, I’d say not enough looking at that.

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Yeah you’re definitely having capacity problems, either with too few desks as Rubble mentions or too few passenger service agents - alternatively people cannot reach those check-in desks. I would review your entire flow and reduce the load on that airport, cancel flights and schedule just a few to see what happens.


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