Constant dangerous baggage messages [solved]

I’ve been getting constant dangerous baggage messages but I can’t see what’s gone wrong with my security set up, it’s the same as the ones I used in other airports with no issues. I’ve sat and watched bagage go through, get rejected and pass around until it’s destroyed or it passes the tier 2 scanners, that seems to be working properly. Any ideas?

I’ve reported it as MERCURY-44814

And it’s almost always a stupid mistake on my part, I’ve just spotted what i’ve done wrong, due to being lazy during the planning stage, anyone see what I’ve done?

3 times same scanner?

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Yep, all tier 2 scanners need to be different types!

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Yep, when I’m in planning mode on a new terminal I just use a single scanner to get everything optimally placed for the space I have available then go and swap four of them out for the ones that should be in that spot. Must have got interupted and forgot to finish the job.


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