Console Command To Add Money?

Not trying to cheat. There are game-breaking bugs that cause financial problems through no fault of the player.

For example: I have a Medium Stand that will not connect to the taxiway, which is adjacent. I’ve read another player’s post elsewhere whereby he had to delete the Stand and rebuild it in order to clear a bug. Were this some cheap thing, I’d bite the bullet and do it. But $150,000 for a Stand? Not cheap.

Therefore, I’ll delete the Stand. However, I’d like to be reimbursed the $150,000 for the rebuild. Remember, I’m rebuilding due to a game-breaking bug.

So, is there a console command (accessible by F9) to add money? Or, which JSON file can I edit and what is the field name?

For the Json file (on your own risk :wink: ):
Go here: C:\Users\ [YOUR_PC_USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves
Please make a backup first (copy the folder of your save to somewhere else)
Then right click the GameData.json file, open with notepad or notepad++
Search for funds and there you can edit it

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thank you. that worked.

Or type “motherlode” in console for an extra million… :wink:

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Or Rosebud to ignore cash


What I may do for my next play through. My first play through, I started with $1 million. This play through, I started with $500000 and was still making a lot of cash by day 5. So, for next play through, I may use $250000. Or, start a new game; save it; modify funds in JSON file to $150000; then reload that game. Makes a REAL challenge at start.

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100.000 for runway
50.000 for small stand
You need atc tower and taxiways 150.000 is not enough

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@ pdereuiter. True. I just thought about that. So, I guess $250000 is as low as I’ll got.

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i think 250.000 is too much. I think 200.000 would work…just. do let us know here what rge absolute minimum is.
Assumption: taxiway is 3 wide and 1 stand.

Start extreme, build minimum. Save. tell us thr amount. Edit save to set to 0

Small Stand (Grass) $20,000
Runway $100,000
So, maybe $175000 or $200000

  • 40 contractors ($11,6 / h / p) = $464 / h
  • Construction time : 6 hours = approximately $3.000
  • 1 Runway $100.000
  • Taxiway foundation 3 * 75 * $100 = $22.000
  • 1 Small stand $20.000
  • 1 ATC tower $15.000

Total cost: $146.000

So @dallas was right. 150.000 is doable. If you don’t build your runway too far from your contractor spot. And if you don’t splurge on too much taxiway.

  • I sent the contractors away as soon as they were done.
  • I put the taxiway against the runway. Putting some distance between the taxiway and the runway would set you back about $3000 (for a distance of 4).
  • If you put the runway and such a bit further away the contractors have to walk further, thus adding perhaps 2 hours build time for $1000 and your budget is gone.
  • If you start immediately you can have a plane landing before nightfall.

And yes, i forgot the holding points. But they cost nothing :slight_smile:

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well done, pderuiter. !!!

You can save 22k by not building taxiway. Planes can use runway as taxiway too and with proper planning. You can save future taxiway’s area.

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True, i could also have done a 1 wide taxiway. But this looks better :slight_smile:


Where is funds?

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Try using ctr+f when you have the file open in notepad

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