Conole Cheats

Hi, I was wondering if there are any commands for cheats in the console. If there is anyone with the knowledge, please let me know.


The only commany known is: “motherlode” which gives 1 million $ for free. For other commands you can use F10 Debug Menu which can be used by pressing F10 on keyboard

I edited an empty map to 200.000.000 mil, then you dont need that :stuck_out_tongue: , just load it up again when you start anew :wink:

OR you can just start a Sandbox game, you know :roll_eyes:

Then your game goes negative, that does not feel right at all. My OCD cant manage that.

There’s Rosebud too for unlimited.

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Not only that, i changed max workers to 1500 for when i have alot to do. Tried 2500 first, but it was too many to handle

Lol, you can adjust MAX workers? OMG, I like that.

Atm when speedbuilding, I build with the insta-build options from F10 menu.

if we only had templates for terminal interiors / shops …


just look for “maxContractors”:135, in the gamedata, next it you can also set the hourly cost ^^

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Does the game brake if you put it as “-xxx,xx”?

haven’t tried braking it (yet), not sure if i want to. Also i don’t think once the game is finished, the savefiles will be editable anymore.

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Haha, I have played the MiniMetro alpha, the bug reports / game logs were still saved as plain text, very funny to explain stuff based on it nowadays.In the game locations spawn destination items; the fun thing, they were named in the early versions, and you thus could see what destinations did NOT spawn where, now you cant any more. (and people dont believe you).

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After experiencing the deadly nightmare of building airports… yes i must agree to this

And also, who need console cheats when you can get everything from the Debug Panel

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