Connecting separate terminals

I have an idea which i deeply hope you take into consideration. My idea is to have an underground walkway/train like the subway but it connects the terminals without disturbing the taxiways so people can make more complex structures (e.g: Heathrow terminal 5) or possibly go over the taxiways like at Gatwick.

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We have the subway now on the experimental branch dont you?

Subways are nothing more than fancy bus stops without a vehicle. You cannot connect subways like an underground rail/metro or walkway

@XKnIGhT777 Please make your suggestions under this topic instead of creating new one

So if there is no road near de walkside the subway doesnt work?

No. Subway is just a passenger spawner and despawner. That is all its purpose.

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@XKnIGhT777, good idea. It’a already part of the multi-level terminal development.

Where is the post about the multilevel terminals?

It on the website in he road map

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