Connect Globe Airline

Airline Name: Connect Globe

Airline Description: Connect Globe operates across the global. Since it is a luxury airline it aims premium class passengers. It provides premium class facilities and services. Across the continents it has its hub for better service.

Airline CEO Name: Jefry

Airline Design Image:


I quite like the design, but for some reason, I think the logo on the top looks a bit odd, perhaps a bit too much.


Thanks for your comment! What would you suggest?

I like the colourful design. Looks great.

This would certainly add some colour to the game!:+1::grinning:

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I do like the logo… I like the colourfulness of the entire design, to be honest, but would an airline really have the logo on the top like that? Seems like a waste of resources to me, since nobody would ever see it.

If it was cut in half and placed on either size, making it appear as though it was on the sides, it would be more believable (or may not work well, at all) of course, that’s just my opinion.

I still like it :wink:

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Thank you FX2K! I am aware of it. But just wanted to place full logo somewhere in the fuselage. Sometimes I look at the air crafts to identify which one is that (during play) and it is easy to identify if the logo is at top (If we are familiar with all there is no difficulty). I like the Maple which includes the logo in the top like this. So I thought that is not wrong placing at top. In realistic this is not worthy. Logo should be at the sides.

Anyway changing mind to move to sides. Thanks for digging on it!