Connect check in desk to specific stand

In therms of planning and designing your airport, wouldn’t it be more handy if one could assign a stand to a check in desk?

My airport looks like this. To make good use of the available desks it would be nice if I could - for example - assign every two desks to one stand. Have this feeling the game now randomises this over the available desks.


You can. But it is the other way around, with 1 extra step.

You connect a check in desk to a baggage bay and a baggage bay to a stand.

Baggage systems do not even have to be active / complete to benefit.


Nice airport though! - just this; people checking in ignore walls near boarding desks if they want to find the nearest seat. It does not make sense, but it is like that ;).

Oh, and that exit corridor is awesome, I have to build like that in the future; with 1 way doors you could even add the small stands to it, DEV’s need to hurry up and create them :smiley:

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You should be able to assign airlines to check in desks and airlines to stands

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