Conga lines - any solution?

The problem is obvious: PAX leaving my airport will go to their vehicles for pick-up as they should. This is fine for almost anything but buses. Bus stops have a capacity of 250 PAX which is huge, but instead of going to the bus stop and seating nicely on benches or even in dedicated waiting halls they form an ugly-looking conga-line back into the terminal like a kind of maniac ants. Well, using a subway as a ‘drain’ solves the problems but this seems to medicate the symptoms, but not the cause of it. Is there anything about the PAX logic that they will go to the bus stop as they would go to their boarding desk and just wait there on seats placed for them? Instead they form a conga-line from the bus stop sign back into terminal. Cannot there be the possibility to use the code for the behavior at the boarding gates for doing so when reaching their destination? Just look for a seat and wait there?

Those lines infront of busses is one of the few realistic things in the game. At least if you know the British system.
Sitting somewhere else and wait there until the bus wants to depart is the other version. :joy:

Sure the lines are a bit long but they make sure the pax are not doing anything stupid which causes delays and big traffic jams.

Yes, it is very British. The problem is, that once we are talking PAX from a medium flight the line are too long and let people stay on cross-walks. I think it is a good thing that cars can just drive over them with no harm done.

Early on in the development the passengers behaved roughly according to your description, however we found that while this behavior is certainly more realistic it adds a bunch of extra time on the entire simulation process, i.e. passengers finding a seat, resting, then getting up, maybe leave for a snack or bathroom visit, which causes an overall higher load on the departure mechanics and thus toppling rather than helping the gameplay experience. So far this is the only complaint I’ve seen in regards to this area so I think it’s fine as it is, but I do agree that your description would be more realistic.

The same goes for crosswalks not blocking traffic, since you as a player do not have any immediate impact on the path passengers take (of course you can heavily influence it), we found that crosswalks blocking traffic was a real nuisance that makes a difficult game even more difficult. My recommendation is, which I do myself, is to build sky-walks or underground tunnels for situations where you know that a crosswalk would be heavily trafficked.

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