Concrete and Asphalt should be considered equally rated

Given both are more expensive than grass, and it makes sense that an airport would want something other than grass to land on, why not make the two expensive types considered equally of quality?

Personally, I love Asphalt more than Concrete. It’s easier on the eyes, and lets you see all the nice details such as taxiway lights. Concrete… is just too bright, and when given the option, I just use Asphalt because I like how it looks, but unfortunately, it also lowers your commercial rating!

Really, I just make my GA out of Concrete so they stop complaining and I don’t have to look at it, then leave my commercial area Asphalt.

Concrete is a lot stronger than asphalt in real life, as I’ve seen (for example) concrete roads go YEARS without repairing, yet I can’t go to my dentist appointments without an asphalt/blacktop road being repaired. I do agree that asphalt looks great, but so does concrete. I’ve used concrete taxiways with asphalt outlining it, and it also looks great.
Roman buildings back from the Roman Empire still stand today because they’re made of concrete.

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