Computer specifications?

Are there any anticipated computer specifications at this moment? If so, what would you say they are? If not, when will you know, if you don’t mind me asking?

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but in the FAQ, they’ve said:

However, I am guessing that the game will not require a high spec computer to run on, similarly to Prison Architect.

I hope that will be multithreaded in order to avoid the bottlenecks of Prison Architect. However already readed in Devblogs that Devs tested thousands of passengers and suitcases…

The maximum test we’ve ran yet was just below circa 1000 passengers all visiting a single bathroom (lol) so while it’s not really representative of any real gameplay situation (well, unless that’s your airport’s strategy) it’s going to be our first target to achieve in regards to sustainable gameplay.

While any hardware specs are yet difficult to say, we’re purposely developing on mid-range computers in editor mode with profiling in order to hunt memory leaks. When the game runs well in editor mode, it’s going to run a lot better in a separate build.

Multithreading is something we’re definitely going to look into.


Thanks for clearing that up!!

Hey Guys,

Now that the game is 2-3 weeks of being released, do you have an idea of what specs we should expect for the ACEO game?


No official news yet but if you check the three gameplay videos on YouTube, the devs placed the specs of their machines used to record there

Thanks for the advice.
The thing is I have an old 2010 DELL Inspiron that works great for university purposes, but struggles big time with games… So I searched for information whether the dev’s would release a Demo version or not and found out that they will not! So I’m wondering if I would be able to buy and play the game or if I’ll only buy it and search for a rope to kill myself :wink:

We will talk about this in more detail in the next week’s devlog, i.e. not tonight. I have absolutely no idea of how the game would run on a Dell from 2010 but I can’t imagine that it’d be optimal. We will highly recommend that if you purchase the game but discover that you can’t run it, use the Steam refund function to get your hard earned money back!


How about Mac book air from 2011 running latest os

Let’s stop guessing. Use Olof’s advice. Buy it, try it. If it doesn’t run, buy a new pc…err…refund it :slight_smile:


So the refund’ policy on this game is a bit looser, or do we still need to follow Steam’s?

But given that the simulation is the most taxing part, I wonder how much simulation can be run before the CPU breaks.

The refund policy is the one of Steam, which I believe is within 14 days of purchasing the game and contingent on not having played more than two hours.


According to the steam page these are the minimum/recommended system requirements. I’m not sure if these will be correct at time of release though.

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So the release is surely at august?

Quite high specs, actually. I’ve got a decent (well above entry level) Macbook Pro and I’m only just meeting the minimum processor requirements. I’ve got plenty of memory and I’m meeting or exceeding “recommended” elsewhere though.

Quite high? I would say they’re unrealistically low requirements. Only 2.6GHz processor and 4GB of RAM? I hope they’ve planned for larger airports :stuck_out_tongue:


I think so, too. Those requirements can be handled by any 10 y/o desktop PC. In fact the cheapest PC with an actual GPU included at my trusted PC-store costs 430€ and is already overpowered for these requirements. If you make one of your own you can cut a quarter of costs.

Anyhow, don’t panic if your PC/Mac doesn’t fullfill minimums. It’s very possible your PC could handle the game anyways in the minimum aspect if it is probably able to catch up in other fields. Just try as the devs said.

Also, if you replace your Apple product, please make sure if you wanna play games to never buy anything from Apple again for that purpose. And a desktop PC with most importantly a good mainboard if you don’t have too much money at hand could be a good option if you replace your old notebook/laptop. It may be more expensive at first but let’s face it.
You can replace single parts in a plug-n-play manner while in a notebook of sorts you just cannot. Additionally, especially if you play games with a weak performancing computer you wanna have it stay cooled. Notebooks just suck at that thus lifespan of a PC is 10x longer. Heck, I still have my very first PC somewhere. It’s like 14 years old and could run ACEO probably. :smiley: In the long run you will have more fun with a desktop PC. Screens should live 10-15 years, too.
You catch my drift…


My poor little mac book doesn’t meet the minimum specs. :frowning: I wanted to do it but now is as good time as any I suppose.

Luckily for me, my PC is at the recommended specifications! Well, that’s one concern out of the way…