Commercial license

I can’t get the commercial license, I hired 3 administrators, I added it to the project and it stays at 0%, it doesn’t go away, what needs to be done? Help me please.

Did you set the hours for admins and when you did this it was off hours?

Do you have enough desks for them in a staff room?

Your staff has to be on the map. Build a bus-stop or whatever.

Does not set a time, asks to hire HR director and I still don’t have this employee available yet. I have already let time go by more than 48 hours and it remains at 0%.

I already have a bus stop at the airport.

Yes Yes, I have more tables than I need, but they don’t even come to the tables to work.

Is it in a staff room?

I already have a bus stop at the airport

My employees don’t arrive in the staff room

Yes yes

You don’t need a staff room. Do you see the admins on the map ?

Negative, they do not appear.

Build service roads instead of public roads ?

Anyone have a picture that they can show them of a staff room?

Resolved, I was placing the bus stop on the service street and so the employees were not coming, resolved. Thank you very much for your support.

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Lol it happens to everyone at some point

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