Commercial Aircraft Parking & Maintenance

Feature request title:

Commercial Aircraft Parking


Currently there are parking ramps with service rounds/maintenance for GA aircraft in AirportCEO.

Many airports allow parking for commercial aircraft. For example, awaiting maintenance or not scheduled to fly at night.

For those aircraft simply waiting for the next flight the following day, parking could be on remote stands.

For those undergoing maintenance this could be in a hangar.

Why it should be implemented:

Aircraft are currently only scheduled to arrive, then immediately depart. By implementing this feature, airlines could park the aircraft overnight.

This would be especially useful where the night flights feature has not been unlocked.

Airlines could be charged for maintenance adding an extra business element to the game.

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Good idea! An upgrade to that could be to research hangars and add them as extra building and with that planes may even stay for a longer period (days) for maintenance.

This ties in really well with the Tenant Operations feature request.

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