Color Selector Hex

Add a text box to the color selector to enter the HEX color code (#FFFFFF or #000000).

This would allow CEOs to quickly recolor items to a specific color or setup a coherent theme. Colors could be copied and pasted very quickly.

As an experiment, put down 50 armchairs and couches. Then recolor all of them to the same color. Left/right clicking is supposed to copy and paste colors (I think) but I can’t get it to work and its not intuitive.

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It works like this. There are 10 boxes that you can store colors. Right click to save a color and left click to appy. There is also an additional hack to save the color of the object by right clicking on the icon in the build meny. This will set the default color so every object you place after this will be that color. :slight_smile:


It would help for i.e. sharing a color palette?


And so THAT’s how you do that… I get it now, those little black squares. All it says is to right click to save and left click to appy, I was trying to click on the big colour box, I didn’t notice those black squares. Sheesh. SMH Thanks for saying “there are 10 boxes you can store colours” because then I found the boxes. Thanks!


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So that’s how you use the left/right click thing and the default color hack will be useful, Thanks Fredrick!

IMO it should be more obvious, maybe put a groupbox around the area where you can save the colors and label it “saved colors”.

I still think the Hex code textbox would be useful if you are aiming for a very specific color pallet or theme. Just my opinion. For example:

There actually is a hex code textbox, I can see now however that it does not work… will take a look at this.

I’d quite like a hex code. I wanted to use a specific colour based on a national flag, and being able to use the specific colour would be nice.


Can we get this for floor tiles too? Be nice to have some more varied carpet colors.


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