[CLOSED] POLL: Help pick the next GA aircraft in Airport CEO!

The Next GA Aircraft Vote

And as if the first large aircraft vote wasn’t enough…

… our mysterious aircraft maker has requested that we’d run two votes to really get the aircraft creation going. We’ve selected a few GA models that we find suitable for implementation next and will need your sound judgment to determine which one to ultimately go with.

  • Beech Staggerwing
  • Piper Cub
  • Piper Cherokee
  • Extra 300

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Beech Staggerwing

Piper Cub

Piper Cherokee

Extra 300

Let the most suitable aircraft according to the end vote results win! :flight_departure:

The vote will automatically close on the 1st of February 18:00 CET.


Definitely Cherokee!

It can be also used as commercial aircraft for a regional airline with Cessna Skylane :sunglasses:


No brainer, the Piper Cub is an icon in aviation.

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I think so too! It will probably not make this round so I guess I’m left with implementing it anyway. :slight_smile:


Sadly the Cherokee will look very similar to the skyline in game. But I had to vote for it as that is a staple of GA. The cub was a close second, especially with the high wing that would add a good variety to the plane scenery.

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I chose the Cherokee as I learnt to fly in one IRL!

I know this is a bit late, but why not add small jet planes as options for the GA poll, now that the next batch of planes would include small jets?

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It will happen, but we’d rather develop a separate “The 1% Update” and include everything that has to do with top-tier private travel.


The Vision Jet is in the works though and will appear for regular GA traffic.

Call it the Jho Low Update XD

Yeah, that’s what I referred to when I said “include small jets”.

Finaly more small planes. :wink:

I would have preffered to choose from a bit more variety (like 1 engine, 2 engine planes, maybe one with jet engines.)

None the less, it is very good that there will be a new small one.

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Make some suggestions…

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Velocitiy V-Twin

Eclipse 500

Cirrus Vision Jet


Vision Jet is already quite heavily in development. Thanks for more reference photos though. They aways come in handy :slight_smile: and the other suggestions.


Hmm, will the Vision Jet be able to land on grass runway, or will it need a paved runway? I believe IRL it can only land on paved runways.

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You`re very welcome :wink:

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I’ve wondered that myself. A future conversation I think I will be having :slight_smile:


Another suggestion:

Tecnam P2006T

piaggio p-180 avanti

Adam Aircraft A500

Most of my suggestions have a kinda unusual design, wich i think serves the game - due to the top-down view - very well.

Piaggo could be GA and commercial.


I voted for the Extra 300 simply because it looks different from a top-view perspective compared to aircraft already in-game.

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