[CLOSED] POLL: Help pick the next aircraft in Airport CEO! #2

Hi all! :smiley:

We feel it has been a while since we last had an aircraft voting session. This time we will make an all prop plane vote which will run for this weekend only. We are still voting on regional aircraft types, however, as we get the new passenger system in place, we will start to create the wide body jets. We know that you all excited to see the bigger jets implemented, and so are we.

The poll will end Monday the 15th of October by 12:00 GMT.

  • Saab 2000
  • Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400)
  • Fokker 50

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Saab 2000

Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400)

Fokker 50

Happy voting! :airplane: :smiley:




So before I vote I want to state how many aircrafts are there on skies in 2017 in order to be used in ACEOMM in future;

Saab2000 > 25 aircrafts

BA Cityflyer Saab 2000 1
Eastern Airways Saab 2000 8
Loganair Saab 2000 5
PenAir Saab 2000 5
Sky Work Saab 2000 4
Tus Airways Saab 2000 2

Bombardier Dash8 Q400 > 639 aircrafts (HOLY WOW :open_mouth: )

Abu Dhabi Aviation DHC-8 400 (Q400) 1
Aero Contractors DHC-8 400 (Q400) 2
Air Berlin DHC-8 400 (Q400) 20
Air Cote d’Ivoire DHC-8 400 (Q400) 4
Air Iceland Connect DHC-8 400 (Q400) 4
Air Tanzania DHC-8 400 (Q400) 3
airBaltic DHC-8 400 (Q400) 12
Alaska Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 49
ANA Wings DHC-8 400 (Q400) 24
Arik Air DHC-8 400 (Q400) 4
Asky Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 4
Aurora DHC-8 400 (Q400) 5
Austrian Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 18
Biman Bangladesh Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 2
Blue Bird Aviation Kenya DHC-8 400 (Q400) 7
CemAir DHC-8 400 (Q400) 1
Congo Airways DHC-8 400 (Q400) 2
Croatia Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 6
Ethiopian Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 22
Eurowings DHC-8 400 (Q400) 19
Falcon Aviation Services DHC-8 400 (Q400) 3
Flybe DHC-8 400 (Q400) 54
Heli Malongo Airways DHC-8 400 (Q400) 4
Horizon Air DHC-8 400 (Q400) 49
Island Air DHC-8 400 (Q400) 9
Jambojet DHC-8 400 (Q400) 5
Japan Air Commuter DHC-8 400 (Q400) 6
Jazz Aviation DHC-8 400 (Q400) 44
LC Perú DHC-8 400 (Q400) 2
LGW DHC-8 400 (Q400) 20
LOT Polish Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 10
Luxair DHC-8 400 (Q400) 11
Malawian Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 1
Olympic Air DHC-8 400 (Q400) 8
PAL Express DHC-8 400 (Q400) 14
Porter Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 19
QantasLink DHC-8 400 (Q400) 31
Qazaq Air DHC-8 400 (Q400) 3
RwandAir DHC-8 400 (Q400) 2
Ryukyu Air Commuter DHC-8 400 (Q400) 5
SATA Air Açores DHC-8 400 (Q400) 4
South African Express Airways DHC-8 400 (Q400) 10
SpiceJet DHC-8 400 (Q400) 23
Starbow DHC-8 400 (Q400) 1
Sunstate Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 31
Tassili Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 4
WestJet Encore DHC-8 400 (Q400) 44
Widerøe DHC-8 400 (Q400) 11
Yakutia Airlines DHC-8 400 (Q400) 2

And 11 Q400 Next Gen

Fokker F50 > 50 aircrafts

Aero Mongolia Fokker 50 4
Air Panama Fokker 50 6
Alliance Airlines Fokker 50 5
Amapola Flyg Fokker 50 3
Blue Bird Aviation Kenya Fokker 50 2
Blue Bird Aviation Sudan Fokker 50 1
Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation Fokker 50 4
Hunnu Air Fokker 50 3
Jubba Airways Fokker 50 3
Karun Airlines Fokker 50 5
MAYAir Fokker 50 3
Niger Airlines Fokker 50 1
Palestinian Airlines Fokker 50 2
Qeshm Air Fokker 50 2
Sudan Airways Fokker 50 2
Tarco Airlines Fokker 50 2
TransNusa Fokker 50 2

And 12 Fokker 50F (Freight)

So since Q400 will win anyway ( :sob: ) I give my vote to Fokker 50 because in the future, freight eill br added and we can have a small freight aircraft in game easily :sunglasses:


Skywork grounded so 21 Saab 2000


add them all hahaha


Saab 2000 please

I like the Dash 8 most cause of the tailplane. Do we already have a aircraft ingame with these kind of tailplanes? I don’t think so, or do I miss one?

A swedish game needs something swedish so yeah, go with the saab 2000

A swedish game needs something swedish so yeah, go with the saab 2000

Hmm he has a point.

Actually, if I’m not mistaken, the dhc 6, atr 72/42 and bae 146 all are high tail and high wing planes. The only commercial prop plane that is a low tail and wing is the Cessna. That’s why I voted for the Saab, as much as I love a good high tail.

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Air Berlin doesn’t exist anymore…

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Air Berlin doesn’t exist anymore…

We know, ACEOMM doesn’t consider closed down or bankrupted airlines later on than September 2017 (the release of AirportCEO)

Mhmm, yeah … should have checked the aircrafts first … guess, these planes will be classified as medium aircrafts ingame? So I’ve made a bad argumentation for the vote, as there are already several of them … still like it most anyway. :slight_smile:

The community has spoken with a very clear voice this time. The next aircraft to be implemented will be the Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400). Congratulations! :airplane: :smiley:


Always good to have more different aircraft in the game. A Saab 2000 would have been better though, as the Dash 8-Q400 from atop looks a lot like a ATR72-600… but hey, step-by-step :slight_smile:

Thanks @Fredrik for adding another type to the game!

Yeah! A aircraft poll! Sad i missed it because i was away from any internet for a few days. Too bad, since i was bragging :wink: for a while for a new poll!

It is realy great to have a new airplane in the game, only thing is it is another medium stand plane, isn`t it? I just startet a new game since the las update and i think as of now - as you start with a small ground and have to unlock new land for 750k to get medium planes there is a lot of time in the game with small stands only. So another small plane would be great.

or are there any plans for changing the small stand - medium stand thing in the future we are not aware right now? like making medium ones the new small ones or something like that?

Anyway, looking foreward for the new plane! :smiley:


Mother Fokker that’s a lot of planes