[CLOSED] POLL: Help pick the first large aircraft in Airport CEO!

The First Large Aircraft Vote

Yes! :airplane:

It is finally time to look forward and start planning for the implementation of large aircraft and their surrounding services. While we’re underway with the continued development of multi-floor and catering services, large aircraft stand and more we also need to develop the aircraft that will utilize those features.

Below are the options you have for this round… and there will be several more to come!

  • Boeing 787
  • Airbus A350
  • McDonnell Douglas MD80
  • Boeing 767

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Boeing 787

Airbus A350

McDonnell Douglas MD80

Boeing 767

Let the most suitable aircraft according to the end vote results win! :flight_departure:

The vote will automatically close on the 1st of February 18:00 CET.


What!!!? No 747 and A380s? :slight_smile: :slightly_frowning_face:


“Den som väntar på något gott…”, why skip to the end goal when we can enjoy the ride? :wink: Those will for sure come but they’re really not in the same large aircraft class as the 787 and other aircraft mentioned here. There will be more votes! :slight_smile:


@Olof: Thanks so much and a nice vote.

BUT: The McDonell Douglas MD-80 is not a large aircraft. It is actually the same category as the A320 and B737. I propose to exchange it with an A340-300


What about the 777? It’s way more iconic than the 767 and based on Wikipedia, it’s also more popular with 1582 built vs the 1133 of the 767.


I guess the 777 is too big, so the devs are putting it in the XL category with the A380 and 747.

On a side note, we’ve only just gotten A320ceos and 737NG in game, and now you’re jumping tech trees to the 787/A350? :smiley:

And I say 787-3 or bust.


Yipeee! I’ve been waiting for Large aircraft for a while :slight_smile:


Yeah, agreed, for the MD80 we made an exception though as it is kind of big ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) but mostly due to the fact that we already have acquired high quality engines sounds for the MD80.


@Olof looking forward to that vote.

I assume it will include the 747, A380 777 and A340 like. People want.

Also will these new aircraft. Include new large remote stands and stands?

Also will large aircraft have multiple air bridged and air stairs like in real life?


Well, since you guys forced the 757 to be a medium plane (I’m still bitter about that), the MD80 could be a medium plane as well, since it’s slightly smaller according to Wikipedia’s spec page.

Although I question if the 787-10 and A350-1000 are large planes or extra large planes…

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Well, the 777x hasn’t been released yet…


@Ziameter that aircraft is still in development and will be release the end of this year/next year if I remember correctly.


Until then, 787 all the way.

Any idea how long this would take to implement?

Would assume a few weeks to a couple of months due to having to create textures and in game items while reworking a few in game systems.


How about all of them but the 787? :smiley: and maybe the MD-80 not so biggy. Airbus 350 is bigger = more passengers = more money who disagrees?

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MD11 next :wink:


The MD-80 is NOT a wide body aircraft at all. It’s actually not much bigger than the A321, it just sits lower. It’ll definitely be a medium stand aircraft. It’s smaller than the 757.

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The MD-80 is a bit out of place here, I definetly agree. It might be better to replace it with an A330 or A340. Also, I assume that large stands are going to be added? There is no way A350, 787 and 767 would fit in the current medium stands. I would also like to ask what version of A350, 787 and 767 you guys have in mind. Those in the pictures are obviously A350-1000, 787-10 and 767-300. Especially 787-8 and 787-10 are quite different in size.

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