Close boarding

There should be a function for automatically closing the boarding desk. Maybe even adjust between “close at exact time”, “close 10 min later” etc.
Then the problem with a passenger always coming late and delaying the plane will be gone.
My planes almost everytime leave late (some can stay for hours, even a whole day) after the plane should have left because of one or two passenger that don’t find the boarding gate for some reason.

When boarding closes 16.30 it should close 16.30 (or delay f.ex.10 min if you want), so the plane can leave (and the late passenger must go home).
In real world they don’t wait forever :slight_smile:


I’m not sure, but I think staff on boarding desk staying while doors on plane are open.

Makes sense really - there are staff at boarding desks while the plane doors are open in the real world too, but at some point they have to leave the late passenger behind.

I work in cargo airline, that’s why I don’t know all moments, but I think, that staff can’t leave desk, if some passengers was missing. Only airline can decide wait passenger or not, because each aircraft may operate 2 or more flights per day.

May be guys from passenger airlines / airport staff will correct me.

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You have the option in the flight scheduler to send the plane away at all times. Which means that if the time to leave is i.e. 16:00 the plane leaves at or around 16:00. You can also ask to prompt you, so you can decide to let the plane wait for the missing passengers. If you click the boarding desk you can see the passengers that should board the plane with a green circle, so you can spot them on the airport and decide if you want to wait. Also depending on if a new flight is scheduled after the to be delayed flight. If the plane leaves and the passenger(s) is too late, they will go home.

I have the setting ‘always send away’ on and if PAX are too far away from the boarding desk, they leave themselves already as they know they will never make it before closing of the boarding time.

Ah, so that’s the meaning of the delay option. I have now marked it as “always send away” , but some planes still sits there - waiting for the last one or two passengers. Every other thing is finished (baggage, service etc), just missing the last one.

I have one right now, the plane are waiting. I can see the two missing PAX on route for the boarding desk, but how long will the plane wait with the “always send away” option?
This plane was an hour late because of the two lazy persons.

You can also click the stand and then manually send the plane away

I know, but that’s too timeconsuming with 15-20 stands or more.

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It would be great. I think It would be a great idea to have an option and fix the time you want to close or stay opened until late pax arrives.

Where I work, we are told to close boarding gates 20 minutes before the plane departs, so I think It would be a realistic feature :slight_smile:


I also selected the send planes away option, however the plane used to stay on the stay upto 15 in game minutes before it went away. So take off would be after STD. :frowning:

The ability to close a boarding desk manually now would be quite useful. With remote stands if boarding is overrunning or passengers are stuck at security or in the café and you want to send the aircraft away you have to dismiss it so no one boards the plane, would be useful to be able to close boarding and then the departure process continue from that point, with those on the buses boarding the plane and those in the terminal leaving.

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The boarding should close itself within … I don’t know… 10 minutes late or something. No airports wait forever for their passengers.


Totally agree, at the moment there is no real ‘action’ taken on delayed flights, so flights stay on the stand for hours and hours… When you ticked the ‘always send away’ box in the flight scheduler it’s not applied and when you dismiss planes manually it also takes a long time before planes actually leave. Would be nice if airliners would state the amount of delay accepted and to have a timer setting option to when planes must be send away to keep up with the airliner needs.

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I would find it morr usefull if the dismiss button changed from dismissing a whole flight to dissmissing one of the processes. For example if both boarding and baggage loading are still bussy to dismiss the boarding and letting bagge loading run till completed.

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xD yea! Deny passenger boarding but have their luggage fly around the world! Makes sense :rofl:

You think airlines take out luggage of pax who are late for boarding? It makes perfect sense. You’d rather send a flight off where the luggage for the pax who did make it isn’t on board?

Correct, but that is never done on purpose (and I was being cheeky on purpose, I do apologise). Instead, would it not be better to systemically allow CEO to assign time frame for some turnaround steps? For example that boarding must conclude 15min prior to take-off time on ‘non-delayed’ flights? And by non-delayed, I mean that the plane arrived on time.

At this stage of the game, I think that staff designation can be improved to facilitate avoiding delays, i.e. that boarding agents are assigned when the plane begins deboarding, not after; and same with pushback - no reason why pushback process cannot be initiated while boarding is still in progress allowing the vehicle to be ready at the stand, rather than in the depot.

Once these things are implemented, this discussion can be reopened, until then it’s kinda pointless in my opinion.

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I know the story of a former workmate out of first hand.

He travelled, with his family, for a long term trip to cambodia. So they had a long farewell with their relatives at the airport. So they missed boarding, and haven’t been allowed to board, even thought the aircraft was still there, being late 'cause of unloading their baggage. They had to take another flight.

Looks like safety meassures, to unload baggage from people which did check in, but didn’t board. Guess that’s cautioness as there could be a non detected bomb?

While this workmate is a joker often, the way he told it afterwards, it haven’t been a joke.

That was an international flight, wich is subject to Positive Passenger Bag Matching (PPBM). In the game we only get domestic flights for now.Domestic flights don’t fall in PPBM rules, so they don’t require the passenger being on board.

We have tons of international flights ingame. Just international game mechanics are missing. scnr