CLM is BACK with a few surprises!

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Welcome to the acquisition and reestablished post for CLM! As many of you know or don’t know, CLM went through bankruptcy recently and was no longer providing flight for ACEO airports. Here is what was said by one of the devs:

This was a huge disappointment for many. So an ACEO investment firm bought the rights to CLM and made some adjustments. The original fleet was converted into CLM Express and a mainline fleet was added. The new CLM owners also started a CLM low cost carrier (LCC) and named it Arrow by CLM. All 3 of these mods are now available on steam with the links provided below (click on the logos).

The Process

This process took a couple weeks starting with the idea to reboot CLM. Then was the idea of changing the original CLM to a regional provider called CLM Express and adding a mainline fleet with the brand name CLM. Then someone came up with the idea of adding an LCC Arline much like Air Canada’s “Air Canada Rouge” an WesJet Airlines’ “Swoop”. We then decided to all take part in a livery contest and then allow the ACEO modding group to vote on the top 2 liveries. The first place winner was in charge of making the new mainline fleet livery as well as “re-painting” the original CLM fleet as CLM Express. The 2nd place winner was in chargge of making the LCC Arrow by CLM fleet livery. Everyone mentioned below as well as a few others I might have missed took part in helping fine tune the liveries as we shared them while we were making them. It was a fun process and we all had a lot of fun doing it. The fleet was also voted on and the top aircraft were chosen. Then Arrow was pick to be similar in type of aircraft but no large birds.


You will also find all the information, fleet, IATA, Images, descriptions, credit to some of the many people who helped make this all possible over at ACEO Modding Group. We hope you enjoy the three contracts available and that you keep CLM alive and the “future of aviation!”

CLM Express
The original fleet keeps its original livery design (just a fresh coat of paint) with a new font and minor changes to the logo.

CLM (mainline)
A new livery was introduced for the new mainline fleet and CLM is now offering international flights as well as much further domestic flights.

Arrow by CLM
Arrow with a new livery and color scheme of yellow and orange was added and is offing lower cost flights but with the same quality service CLM provides.

Credits and Thank you’s to all that help in the process

@Dawed - Arrow by CLM livery design winner and modder
@Jerrod247 - Arrow logo designer, color scheme, livery input and testing
@MKH1020 - organizing voting process, livery input, testing, keeping everyone. motivated (and leaker)
@teepicgamer73 - airline descriptions and other text writing, livery input, testing
@Rubble - his beautiful aircraft and input, and livery contestant
@fungtommy05 - livery contestant
@andyc - I don’t know, he helped somewhere… :wink: & Livery contestant
@EmattpoYou - livery input, testing
@Chazon10 - livery input, testing
@Scottie - livery input
@ TwoCflyer - CLM (mainline) livery design winner and modder, CLM Express modder

ACEO and the devs - CLM original livery/airline bankruptcy for this opportunity


(Click on logos)
CLM CLMExpress Logo


CLM (mainline):

CLM (mainine) - After CLM went bankrupt in early 2020, an investment firm bought it out with big ideals and a hope to redo the future of aviation. Soon enough their hopes became a reality. Part of the success was splitting the varied fleet of aircraft into 3 different groups, with this one being the Mainline, consisting of new, larger and more modern aircraft. This “new” mainline fleet is much larger, and with its new modern livery is more ready to handle the passengers of today, and to keep serving into the future of aviation.

CLM Express (regional):

CLM Express (regional) - After the buyout of the defunct, original CLM, Major restructuring was done with the fleet. Part of this was buying brand new, much larger aircraft for the mainline fleet. The old aircraft were consolidated into a new direct subsidiary of CLM: CLM Express. CLM Express handles the regional routes for CLM, flying feeder routes to smaller cities, along with flying to many small towns, carrying passengers on both subsidized and unsubsidized routes. As a nod to the original airline, the new owners decided to keep the original livery on CLM Express aircraft, while they updated the livery to something more modern for the mainline.


Arrow by CLM (LCC) - In 2020, after the original CLM was bought out, the new owners decided to do some major restructuring of the airline. Out of this came the new low-cost subsidiary of CLM: Arrow. Using a fleet of sleek, new aircraft, Arrow is revolutionizing the budget airline industry by showing that going budget doesn’t mean going low quality.

IATA Prefixes (IATA)

  • CLM (mainline): CL
  • CLM Express (regional): CL
  • ARROW by CLM (LCC): AR

Aircraft & Liveries

  • CLM (New Livery) - B737-800, B757-200, E190, B747-400, B777-200, B777-300
  • CLM Express - Original CLM fleet & Livery - ATR-42, ATR-72, BAe-146, CESSNA-208, CRJ-700
  • ARROW by CLM - (New Livery) - B737-800, E170, E190

Aircraft Images

CLM (mainline)







CLM Express (regional)

ATR 42

ATR 72

BAe 146

Cessna 208






Contracts/Flight Planner:

CLM (Mainline) Contract

CLM (mainline)Flight Planner

CLM Flight Planner 1

CLM Express (Regional) Contract

CLM Express Contracts Offered

CLM Express (regional) Flight Planner

CLM Express Flight Planner 1

ARROW by CLM (LCC) Contract

ArrowbyCLM Contract Offered

ARROW by CLM (LCC) Flight Planner

ArrowbyCLM Flight Planner 1


The legend is back with a beautiful dress :heart_eyes: @Olof maybe next devblog would deserve a couple of words about this comeback?

One thing I want to ask; Why CLM Express logo on fuselage is not reversed like CLM and Arrow?

CLM (look at arrow on logo, both face to forward)

CLM Express (look at arrow on logo, one faces to backwards)

Arrow (look at arrow on logo, both face to forward)

like @twocflyer wrote in description the investment group took the planes and convert it to CLM Express just with new paint but no design change on former Livery

Here an original

Great to see CLM back, but I can’t help but be slightly dissappointed by the name of “CLM Express”. Considering KLM’s ‘regional’ variant is “City hopper”, a play on that name would have been very interesting. :thinking: “CLM Town Hopper”, “CLM Inter City”, something like that.

I personally think either Express livery should be fit with other 2 or vice versa. Currently it looks illogical :frowning:

The new investors aren’t Dutch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, we discussed the Name of the new regional subsidary and decided at the end as CLM Express… also because, it is not KLM it is CLM :slight_smile:

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I like this. More!

*PS: Still, please bring back CLM into vanilla #JusticeForCLM

CLM is back… and better than ever! :smiley:

CLM IS BACK YAY! Will get to adding it into my airport (Void Charleston Airport) latter, just want to say, why does arrow not have any small planes?

Too small aircrafts are not profitable for a low cost carrier. The space is too restricted to fill more seats in it.


Let’s admire the liveries that did not make it:

:arrow_up: The livery by @Rubble

:arrow_up: The livery by @fungtommy05


OMG! good liveries I think they can come as special paintings

CLM Steam Collection:

I still think this should be re-considered.

Really happy to see CLM live on and fly again! :smiley: Like the design of the subsidiaries! :airplane:


Great to see you like it @Fredrik

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Let’s hope CLM is managed a bit better this time and can avoid another taxpayer bailout… :wink:


This means CLM will be back in vanilla? :thinking:

Probably not… But can I have a chocolate! :wink:

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