Choose Starting Road location

I think that something that would be nice to implement would be to be able to choose where on the starting tile the starting road could be placed.

Right now the road is on in the middle of the bottom of the tile. Maybe the player would be allowed to skew the road to the right and build their terminal in one small corner, thus making more space for the rest of the airfield.



Maybe we could build connection roads / highways / railroads / subway lines wherever we want like Simcity 4.


The only game game I’ve lost more time to than ACEO. I’ve spent SOOOO many hours in that game.

But yeah, being able to choose its starting location would be a very welcome addition.

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Not just starting bu being able to build more than 1 entrance to airport would also be cool.


sees Olof multiply all path-finding scripts in his head and decide to walk to the fridge instead.


Lol, vehicle pathing is not that big of an issue as pax.


Nope, behaviour tho… a different story.

This is honestly not that big of a request, I think it could be handled pretty easily. Of course, everything else that’s on out board is prioritized so my suggestion is to report it as a suggestion and we’ll at least have it in our system.

ok, thanks!

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