Children Passengers

Hey all :grinning:

So Excited for this game, and it seems I am looking everyday now for the new videos. :relaxed:

I have an idea, and have not seen this yet after doing a few searches in the Forum.

My Idea is children passengers, I am wondering if at some point this will be a part of the game, obviously many children fly around the world (like mine) and the airport can be a real struggle if the facilities are not good enough to keep them occupied. My local airport is Leeds Bradford in the UK and the airport is so small once we have looked around the shops, got something to eat the kids are going out of there minds! Where as in Gatwick Airport for example they have a big play area for children and to be honest we could have stayed there all day and they would not have been bothered.

Also (this might be a little too much) some airlines allow children to fly alone and a rep of that airline will look after children. When I was a child I flew to the USA from Heathrow on my own and they had a whole area for children with games consoles and drinks, food. Plenty to keep us entertained.

Anywho just a thought, And wondering what other peoples thoughts are? :smile:


Very Interesting…:grinning: Handling children can be fun. I’d love torture them. :joy: (Not Real Torture tho)

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That’s a bit rude/mean…

I like the idea of several areas within the airport to include designated children areas. Not even the “Kids Area” (Like the “Rocket” in Terminal 2 at FRA) but also kindergardens! A lot of airports, my local one to include (FRA), have kindergardens available for both airport employees and travelers. Sure, this is not for an initial release but for a later stage :slight_smile:

:astonished: I have to admit I read that totally the wrong way and completely out of context! :joy:

With regards to children in the game; a worthwhile addition (probably further down the line - I understand that there will only be solo travellers at first, unless that’s evolved). Children have shorter attention spans, the need for constant supervision, the ability to get lost, and the ability to annoy nearby passengers when they aren’t happy. So it would be a good challenge to build an airport that has facilities to keep the brats entertained.

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While I see the interesting part of group travellers, I’m not sure if children would add much to the game. IMHO they would be down very low on priority.

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Fully agree, there are a ton of much better things to add!

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