Check in need

So it’s 1 check-in desk/75 passenger.

Small stand = 1
Medium = 2
Large = bteween 6-8 desks? :open_mouth:

Does it work?, is it to much or what do you guys do for check-in?

Compared to realistic airports I think that fits. When I watch the Check In at PVG just for a Lufthansa 747 or A380 flight, they have way more than 8 desks open. :slight_smile:

I do have some spare

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It’s 1 check-in desk per every 75 passengers. So depending on the aicraft size (and tickets sold for that flight) and your passenger ratio setting, your desks may vary. Make sure to plan accordingly! :wink:

But may for more realism: Could it be possible to check in two flights at the same time if it’s the same airline?

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