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So, curious here; do check-in desk just get randomly assigned to a flight? If so, I would desperately like to see the ability to assign desks to particular gates. I recently “bumped into” this blunder: I am trying to create a new “terminal area” that is connected only by a bridge on floor 1 to the new building that will serve 3-4 stands. So, I constructed the terminal, placed 3 check-in desks thinking “there are plenty of desks at my operating terminal so these won’t be assigned a flight until I build and open some nearby.” Well, boy was I wrong, all the sudden error alert bells letting me know a check-in desk isn’t accessible. Turns out a flight originating at my operating terminal was assigned to one of these new desks. I realized pretty quickly that this wasn’t going to work out well. Even worse: the flight was too far along and couldn’t be cancelled and the other plane had already landed and couldn’t be dismissed. Thankfully, my last save occurred before this. So, boy would it be nice to have the ability to link a particular desk to a stand, or at least have “smarter desk assignment procedures” that utilize check-in desks closest to the stand before seeking those farther away.


You can use baggage bays to link check n desks and stands to each other. Only linked check-in desk, baggage bay and stand can work within each other.

Yes, this works, but has the disadvantage to have to unlock baggage handling first. I agree that this should be possible generally and not only on this special case.

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ahh. thanks. yeah, I’ve been avoiding baggage for now. Hmm. may have to rethink that one. :see_no_evil:

This, and I think linking a check in desk via baggage bay to a stand is long-winded.
On the other hand, if you be able to link them to baggage bay and a stand, you can produce contradictions. There need to be a check then…

Prepare yourself. If it’s your first time i advice checkin this out:

will do thanks!

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