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Check-in area zone


A little detail on this, take Heathrow for instance, passengers disembark at different bus stops and car parks for each specific terminal, this is currently not available in game and means if u build multiple different check in areas across ur airport, passengers can get of at the farthest point away (bus stop, car drop off and subway) and then have to walk across ur map causing delays and increased lag. The way I think to solve this is to tie different check in areas to the 3 items above to a checkin zoning area similar to what we currently use for the baggage system. I also think implementing a zoning for the check in area would allow us to remove the need for tagging each check in desk to baggage area as well, similar to the baggage reclaim.

Why it should be implemented
Reduce FPS lag of pax marching from drop of miles away to there check in desks

Reduce the need to allocate each check in desk to a baggage bay by doing a whole zone once.

Allow users to implement multiple terminals as pax only get dropped off at there relevant frop off linked to each relevant check in area.

Avoid delays from having pax late to check-in as they get off at the closest bus drop off.

Let us know thoughts below



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