Charter Flights/Business Flights

It might be a good idea to have different types of flight in the game besides GA and CA. Mostly, these will still fall a bit under GA rules, but might require the player to provide other services.
Charter flights could for example be requested before you have built a full-fledged CA terminal. This could work with giving the security road building an extra job. Operate it with 1 or 2 security staff and from the outside world a bus or limousine would enter the airport tarmac by road and deliver the passengers to small aircraft on let us say asphalt or concrete stands. A charter flight would be counted as a GA flight for runway purposes, would have small planes (to implement) and would require the services ramp agents, fuel (either ACGas100LL for Cessna-types or JetFuelA1 for small private-jets. Security will be done at check-point (we might expand or upgrade this so that the bus can park while being inspected). Charter flights should provide a higher parking fee somewhere between 500$ and 750$. You might reserve stands for charter flights exclusively. Business flights is roughly the same but in that case a limousine will deliver or accept the VIPs. Those might have a different treatment on their fuel tax-wise and might require you to build a hangar to park their plane while not in use (extra rent income). This, of course must come with the introduction of the hangar building. Maybe doing a contract with a company for renting a hangar.
Military charter flights might be another thing to go and require medium stands or even large stands and transport equipment and soldiers delivered directly via vehicle check-point. Imagine a camo-paited Antonov landing and collecting Tanks or heavy equipment. Government contracts usually pay off well.


Love this!

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Cool! I’d love to see a C5 Galaxy and hopefully the engine noise of those 4 GE-CF6-80C2 (TF-39) engines screaming down the runway after dropping off military deliveries!

Have a look at this one as well.


I love the idea to add more types of flights, charters would make a fantastic addition! Maybe if your airport gets famous enough, (and we get large aircraft!) you could have air force one land for a massive bonus if you meet their strict security and service needs!


I wanted to flesh out the idea of special (charter) flights:

Spawn once certain conditions at the airport are met, perhaps displayed to the player when they are close to meeting one or more of the objectives.
e.g. Have a 90% on-time departure rate, and no lost baggage in the last 24 hrs

Have a limited time to accept or reject the proposed charter flight.

Each charter has more needs than a typical flight
e.g. A Sports charter will have 5x the baggage of a normal flight, and they will also require 3x the catering resources. Also, the flight is international, so you’ll need to completely top off the fuel of the nearly empty plane.

possibly offer bonuses, based on timely performance?
e.g. For the sports charter above, the chartered aircraft is scheduled to arrive at 18:00, and the team will arrive at 19:00, if you can have the plane fully fueled and catered by the time the team arrives, you get an additional $X

In my joy to reply to you earlier, I missed this on the first read through. Fantastic idea! Having hangars to park idle aircraft would be awesome.

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All nice ideas! Would indeed be nice to have special events on the airport, but then we also need to be able to assign and prioritise vehicles and personnel to certain areas and stands.

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O.k.: just a summary of what we are talking about now.

  • Change the airport vehicle checkpoint so that it can house up to 2 security agents. Have it have a parking lot for 1 vehicle which is checked by the officers. The more passengers the vehicle has, the longer this will take. Security skills apply. This is important to enable direct boarding without the need of going through a terminal.

  • Enable charter flights.
    a) Charter Flights require security access via vehicle checkpoint, fuel services and ramp agent services together with an upgraded stand. (Requirements: asphalt or concrete; GA accepted, Service Car access)
    b) They are counted as GA so if you switch off the GA feature, you won’t get them. Ramp agents will access the stands via service vehicle as if it were a remote stand. Depending on the plane, the required fuel will be either AVGas100LL or JetFuel A1.
    c) Charter flights will appear as one-shot flights in the flight planner, but under GA flights (UI to be implemented). I could see a second page of flight planner here that only cares for your GA stands. GA flights automatically register there without COO help and you see when space is blocked. Assign a GA stand to fix time and services for your charter flight.
    d) Charter flights can be of any aircraft type.
    e) Payment for a charter flight could be a fixed parking fee of 500$-750$
    f) PAX will be delivered directly via outside world vehicle (hope that works on small stands), which can be buses or limousines.
    g) Baggage is handled directly by the ramp agents which unload directly from bus to plane. Baggage handling fees apply at reduced rate of 5$. No passenger handling fee.


  • Could we label bigger than small stands as GA to accept charter flights?
  • Could we implement military flights as charter flights (mostly eye-candy with camo vehicles and planes)
  • Could extra plane models like the Learjet be implemented to simulate private jets?

Feature #2: Hangars for business aviation
Companies could rent hangar space to park their own planes for longer time and require you to handle their flights when required (count as GA charter flights). These companies could even be charter flight airlines. PAX and cargo can be shipped to hangar without the need of going to a stand. Imagine hangars to be large stands able to accept more than one plane with a roof on top.

Why should we have it?
Charter flights are something that comes evolutionary between GA airport and regional CA airport and gives players an incentive to keep GA and granularly grow their airport with smaller steps to have cash intake for building bigger structures. Might be more interesting for players starting on hard difficulty.

Last question: move this idea to feature voting?

Please have a look through the feature requests as there might already be a similar idea. So better to combine your ideas than to create a new one and people have to divide their votes.

I did some forum research on the topic but besides the ones just being in the ideas section, I cannot find ‘charter flights’ under feature voting as own topic. The only topic where it was popping up was under scheduling times but this one tackled another topic mostly. I might take the other ideas into account and bundle them into this one with approval of the original poster.

Player560 asked for charter flights generally being implemented and expanded to medium stands and also asked for additional planes in that regard.

Antarctica had the idea of having charter flights being randomly generated although I believe this was meant as a possibility to fill up CA slots and not for GA but we can adapt here.

PigScroll suggested extra contracts from airlines asking for stands on certain days and time-window. I guess this might conflict with the flight planner as it stands, but when we draw upon GA as source for reserve stands to be operated at our whim, this is fine.

airportguy suggested the possibility of doing a dedicated GA airport.

There are some more around, some asking for a livery for a charter airline or just mentioning it in the text. Hope I got them all.

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I have not found much more about similar threads…maybe someone knows of a relevant similar one I have not mentioned? Otherwise, as the threads mentioned are from the ideas section, I would request putting this into feature voting tomorrow, if no one adds to this or shows me a better suited feature vote where I can add this to.

After not hearing anything or anyone speaking against it nor reading duplicates in feature voting (my eyes ARE bad, however!), I would like to moderators to move this to the appropriate subforum. Thanks and fly safely! :slight_smile:

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You want it moving to feature voting?

You should make new posts there, and split the ideas in several votable topics but this is just too big. As to no response: it’s not Always a good sign. I myself didn’t want to touch this because you’ve thrown too many ideas into a big one and it’s giving me a headache to talk about each seperate part.

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Good, will try to redact this a bit and post directly there.

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Yes I want this so bad!!!

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