Charging Stations


Airports quite often offer the facility for paid device charging, this could be as simple as a block which passengers approach and then return to after a certain period of time to ‘collect the device’ upon collect the passenger is charged a fee

Why it should be implemented:

A small income for the airport of which the fee could be set via the fee’s panel

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Sounds like something i would design a new shop for instead of a new feature.

Not sure which airport i went to but they had a bank of lockers which you opened the door by paying and then the device was locked in the cabinet charging until you returned to collect it. As a locker bank or pillar this would work as a feature, if the community want it they can vote for it, just an idea like all the rest

I don’t think passengers should have to pay to use these, simply because these days sockets are everywhere. Some airports even have usb sockets in the wall for the sole purpose of charging phones, and some trains and even buses have usb charging ports.

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