Charge a fee for drop off

It would be good if we could charge cars for dropping off passengers like in real life (in the uk anyway). Also it would be nice to see more pax arriving this way. Car parks and shuttle buses would of course naturally be a further progression, but this has already been well covered on here. :slight_smile:

I like that !

  1. Fees to be configured in FEES panel
  2. Each car/bus drop off should have an option to turn the fees on it: On/Off
  3. Same bathrooms

ps. Everything should have a fee (as in the uk! :stuck_out_tongue: - bloody…)

Would love to be able to charge for bathroom use (even though I hate it in real life, I usually moan to the missus about it, it goes something like “TYPICAL! FIFTY PENCE TO SPEND A PENNY!” lol) :slight_smile:

You can do that in a FEES panel. You need to hire a CFO and just use a slider :level_slider:

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