Changi Airport

Been wanting to share my idea with the community but recent game freezes make it hard for me to complete my design. So for now, I will just show what I got. Work in progress!

Let me know what you think!


F4 removes your interface, (first thought.)

Just 1 vehicle depot?

Nice airport :smiley:

Oh I didn’t know I can F4. Haha!

Yeah vehicle depot only 1 at the moment. Will build more. :smiley:


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It’s a brand new terminal. Opened a month ago only. They promoting on auto-checkin technology. Seamless flow.

First thought: the runway on the right has a taxiway line going all the way through it.
Second Thought: What frame rates are you getting?

#1 you referring to the runway lights or? because both left and right runway, yeah has taxiway line going all the way into it. No idea why. :smiley:

#2 On really busy days (10 flights at the same time), about 6-10 fps … on not so busy, 20-25 fps … at night … 40fps.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet >> this is 12 FPS.