Change CEO’s name and give him cool stuff

I designed my character, but I had a change of heart, and I kind of want him to be called something else. He is also 75 and I’d like to change his age too. Would love to give him a new outfit everyday (some swag). Second idea: have ability to give the CEO a new car, a PRIVATE JET OF HIS OWN, a swimming pool, sauna, etc. I want to see me be able to have a Ferrari and an aquarium with sharks in my office, a big TV, that kind of thing,

I know that someone might have written this down already, but I couldn’t really find it with a search.


interesting, i’m in

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Why? What would you do with all that stuff? It would serve no point to the game.

It makes it more fun, that’s all

It’s an airport manager game not Sims.
Sorry this idea might be funny but has nothing to do with the game and what the game want to be.
So i hope the programer won’t spent time to implement things like this.

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You can change the look of the CEO by digging into the save files, I don’t remember exactly what the variables are called but it’s something along the lines of face index, nose index and more. Should be located in GameData.json if I’m not mistaken.

Sorry but that is a bit over the top. Maybe the private jet could be a fun late game feature (flying somewhere to propose new contracts?), but sport cars and swimming pools don’t have anything to do with airport management.

But hey, someone could make a mod!

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The devs could add a DLC which adds more realism so like your people use phones and CEOs fly to places to sign contracts and stuff

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