Challenge: remote stand only airport

Challenge: remote stand only airport. 2 large stands minimum, 6 medium stands minimum, and 10 small stands minimum. Also your satisfaction levels should be 75% or the color orange/green.

Oh boy. That ain’t going to be easy haha

That’s why it’s a “challenge”

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Hard mode: don’t have any shuttle busses to the remote stands.

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Bru can you even do that?

It’s like a normal stand without a jetbridge. The people cross the service road from the terminal. So by that logic, the passengers should walk all the way to the remote stand. :thinking:

That’s not a real remote stand, indeed just a stand where PAX will walk towards…

Hard mode: don’t have any shuttle busses to the remote stands.

That’s just terminal side stand without jetway. It is way easier than actual remote stands

Yes it must be true remote stands shuttle buses and all.

Thought I’d try :sweat_smile:

So far:

Going to try something different for the medium and large stands, just need to wait for the funds. Assuming the challenge includes no sandbox right?

Sandbox is allowed but you created the hard mode of no sandbox

if you make it a very long path, so not next to the terminal, i’d still consider it a remote stand :slight_smile:

How about an extra layer of difficulty: no subway.?

Lol sure


Very nice!!

This can be done by having the passengers walk on a sidewalk outside to their gates, though there might be a limit on the length of the connection from the boarding desk.
In that case, you could have the passengers walk (outside on the sidewalk) to small 1x1 “sheds” that have the boarding desks in them.