Challenge 50 000 000 pax

It’s time to create additional interest in the game. We are launching a challenge in which the goal is to transport 50,000,000 passengers in the shortest possible in-game time. Why 50? There is such an achievement in Steam. No mods, at the easiest difficulty level, on a large map, and in a location where an international zone is not required (but this is at your discretion)… The first post of this thread will contain the results. Before publishing them, we will ask, for example, one of the community members not participating in the challenge to check the game save of each player who has reached the goal. I’m not sure there will be many like that, because one of the players moved 17 million in 183 years, but I think he just did not try well. So let’s go. :rofl:

In this thread, I invite everyone to leave comments, suggestions, and links to threads with how you move towards the goal. You can post information and screenshots here if you like.

Who will get the title of creator of the most cramped airport in ACEO? Who can best shove passengers into the airport like a herring in a barrel without burning up the processor of their computer ?! :nauseated_face:


I’m actually all in for this. I think there should be a few more parameters/rules to be followed to keep the playing field fair (i.e. required turn around services, de-icing or no de-icing requirement; or rather everyone start an airport in the same location, target submission date, etc.)

Also, some ground rules or just clarity around “realism” for this contest should be defined as well. Because 1 node taxiways to squeeze in as many gates as possible would be the obvious choice, but realistically, planes passing through one another isn’t quite logical.

Just my thoughts, but I am all game to join in on the fun!

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No cheats instead of no mods is also a good fix. If it isn’t then I will put every cheat I know into this contest :rofl: :wink:

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You got me, i’m guilty. :raising_hand_man:
At the beginning i was cheating a little bit with the money. :money_mouth_face:

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How can you cheat with money in the game? :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

Too many restrictions and rules will tire the participants. Pay attention to @jasperwillem , he has 8 stands at a small airfield, for each stand there is a airside shuttle bus and a service car. Have you seen this anywhere? Me not. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I do not like the intersection of planes, and I make an airport that I would like myself, i.e. with all services.

Come on, come on…

In the GameData.json you find an entry with “funds” :wink:

my first thought is to challenge 50 000 000 pax in one year

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At that time there were other cheating, “legal” ways to mow money - Belanger. And then there are parking lots, which can be parked in countless numbers, and they will bring a stable income, even if there are 2 cars in one such parking lot.
Now @jasperwillem is sitting on this “cheat”.

On the way to 50 million transported passengers, the 1st, separate terminal was built. It occupies a little more than 1/3 of the entire territory. 12 large stands and 4 medium ones (not yet launched). It was decided to simplify as much as possible all traffic in the terminal, both passengers and aircraft. 2 runways. One for arrival only, and one for only departure. About 20 thousand passengers a day. There was a great return from stores, but when launched on a weak computer, purchases fell 6 times. No matter. Money is no longer a problem.

Money was earned from small aircraft for the construction of a terminal with large stands, then both terminals for small aircraft were dismantled and a large one was built, counting on the maximum load from each aircraft.

6.5 years behind. As a result, there is money, there are loans (if necessary) to build the 2nd terminal, which will not affect the 1st, which saves the headache of redesigning the main terminal that brings profit and generates the main flow of passengers.

I wrote everything in the first post, here. What is the more detailed information? If you want, you participate, but if you don’t want, you don’t participate. And about cheats. No one will check anyone, everything is on trust. :slightly_smiling_face:

Uhhhhh, when did I say I won’t participate? :thinking:

The first terminal reached its design capacity. The introduction of four medium-sized stands required an increase in transport capabilities, and additional production capacity had to be added. But even so, sometimes it is necessary to push planes from the stands. In general, everything worked out, and the terminal provides traffic of 22-23k passengers per day. The money generated by the terminal was enough to start laying the 2nd terminal, but at the final stage I had to take out a loan again so as not to stop the process. Terminal 2 will have 19 stands, 7 large and 12 medium.

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So, the airport is completed on the 2*3 map. The garbage collection service has been disabled because the warehouses fill up faster than garbage bags are taken out.

2nd terminal.

3rd terminal.

In terms of the pace of transportation and finances, the picture is as follows. And it is sad that no one has demonstrated their results so far.

I totally forgot to post updates.

btw. i’ve got arrived the achievement at December 31st.

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:+1: What size card do you have? And how long did it take to transport 50 million, do you remember?

I’m playing with a little extended 2*3 map (1400x700 - default is 1050x700).
What it took in time? Very good question. I’m using nearly the whole time the same save game. I would think propably between 500 and 1000 hours.

Screenshot_58 in 2 1/2 years


Its a hard challenge, live comes around and you move on from your save. But maybe in the future you are suddenly there.


You can do it bro i trusted you so much. For this milestones :heart::heart::heart::heart:. Let’s beat KATL records