CFO and fees

I think having a CFO only to adjust fees is little useless, not only we should be able to adjust them without him, but the CFO should be a real advantage.

What about the CFO automatically adjusting fees depending on the supply/demand, if we lack aircraft he will lower fees to augment satisfaction which will attract more flights, and if we have more aircraft demand than our capacity he will augment those fees to match it and avoid loosing money, depending on his skills (which make him getting better fees for the situation) we could maximize profits thanks to that.

Also from what I saw with fees of GA, the effect on satisfaction is way too big, lowering the landing fee by 1 unit skyrocket satisfaction GA satisfaction to 100% and augmenting by 1 will drop it to 0.


Cfo gets you a discount on taxes, and that makes up alot of the costs

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Yes and this should be kept that way, but they should also do more…
And well, even with my CFO, I built a GA aerodrome with full pavement runway, taxiway and 16 stands and I had fuel too, but I was not making any money, if I increased anything to make profits, I was just loosing GA pilot rating and no one would come creating no profits, and if I was lowering the price even by a little to make them happy, I was loosing money.
Most of the GA aerodrome have full pavement and they are profitable/not loosing money.
Realistically you don’t need a Chief Financial Officier to run a small aerodrome and they can setup fees all they want, my local one for example don’t have any landing or parking fees, and they have two runway, one grass and one paved.
So not only paved GA aerodrome should be more profitable with less flight density (I never saw any aerodrome having that much flights per day), and fees should be settable without a CFO, but a CFO should do more than just allowing to set fees and lowering taxes.
Having a CFO setting fees himself to optimize profits is, based on what the real job description is, exactly what he should do.

You should be able to set limits for the fees that your CFO can set:
Can’t set runway fees below $750 for medium aircraft
Can’t set small stand parking fees above $200

Every real life CFO operates within the limits set by the CEO

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Yes, I totally agree, this don’t even require big modifications, just need to switch between a regular to a “Multi-handle Range Slider” to set lower and upper limits depending if we have or allow our CFO to automatically set fees.

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