CCTV Cameras

Feature request title:

CCTV Cameras


A realistic surveillance system that can be operated by security officers from special desks in a security management room

Why it should be implemented:

- Could give more realism to the game
- Can give benefits to % safety overall
- Can allow remote access to restricted access rooms like staff rooms

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I totally agree! It would be suitable for alpha 36 since as far as I know, it’ll bring more security stuff.


this would be a nice addition to the panic update


Like Prison Architect


Exactly @kiwikiller41!

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Not sure if I would want to individually drag the lines between the monitor and camera like in Prison Architect, that always felt very tedious.

Why do you want this feature? The people in our airport are not criminals trying to escape but customers so surely there is no need.

@RubenGass maybe could need just a number of desk for any number of cameras. For example, 1 desk for every 10 cameras, 2 desk for 20 cameras, 3 desk for 30 cameras… Without any direct links…

I regret adding 238 cams in my prison

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