[CBM] Humoresques' Small Mods

Hi! With the launch of the AirportCEO Mod Loader, it is now a lot more practical to have smaller mods with few features in them. Rather than making a bunch of new topics for these, they will be held under one umbrella here with brief info about each. Installation instructions can be found here, with each having the same installation process.

I hope everyone enjoys :tada:


AirportCEO Schengen Update

AirportCEO Schengen Update is a tiny mod that will add the newest Schengen countries to the games list upon load. (This includes Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania.)
Steam Download
GitHub Download


AirportCEO Structure Repair Improvements

AirportCEO Structure Repair Improvements is a small mod that adds a slider to configure when stands and runways should be repaired.
Steam Download
GitHub Download


AirportCEO Staff Improvements

AirportCEO Staff Improvements is a small mod that adds a new train all button to the staff menu. This mod may have more features in the future related to staff.
Steam Download
GitHub Download


Thanks for your hard work!

Quick heads up for an small typo in the mod description for Schengen update.


I have no idea why I completely forgot about this. I’ll fix it tomorrow. Thanks!

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Update 6/11/24:

  • AirportCEO Structure Repair Improvement: New Feature: Added way to increase the durability of concrete structures with a slider

Note: Becuase of the way Steam works, you have to either load the game and then restart the game for this to take effect, or unsubscribe and resubscribe to the mod for it to take effect.

Staff Improvement requires an option to hire tens or hundreds of staff at once. It was a problem since first day of AirportCEO that you cannot hire more than 8 staff member at once and you have to wait new applications to show up.