[CBM] AirportCEO Sticker Fix 1.4.0: Mod Loaded!

Airport CEO Sticker Fix

ACEO Sticker Fix is a code-based mod, made using the AirportCEO Mod Loader, that is aiming to improve and enhance stickers, and add additional functionality to them. So far (as of 1.2.2), it fixes one of the major problems of stickers, how they render too large over the grid. It also allows you to place stickers as big as you like, and loads them off the workshop.


Feature Rundown

  • Fixes sticker rendering - This change, as I must admit, doesn’t actually solve the root problem, just making sure that stickers render to the grid by downsizing them slightly on placement. It is a bit “hacky”, but has no obvious downsides. :thinking:
    • As a result of this change, stickers no longer produce extra bright lines when placed next to each other :grin:
  • Allows you to place stickers as big as you want - This is actually a vanilla feature (if you find it, good job), but this mod adds it just as a bonus.
  • Adds layers to stickers! Newly placed down stickers will render on top of older stickers. Makes layering stickers easier.
  • Stickers will be loaded off of workshop mods!

This mod uses The AirportCEO Mod Loader, so please follow the installation instructions here.

Other Details

  • Developers: Humoresque
  • Source Code: Available on demand only (comment down below/private message)
  • Incompatablitlites: None that I know of…
  • Bugs: There may be a few, report them. I’ll squash them at some point
  • Thanks to: @zekew11, @Hap0vecXD, and Olof :wink:
  • 1.2.2 is the first publicly announced version, you didn’t miss anything

Version 1.3.1

  • Stickers will now place on top of existing stickers (adds layers for stickers)
  • Sticker scale has been slightly adjusted to be better with larger sizes, still not perfect though.
  • Slightly better performance (I fixed some code that I wrote without thinking, now it only triggers when necessary)
  • Sticker layers are finite though and will reset after a few 30,000+. Shouldn’t be an issue :wink:

Upcoming 1.4 will (probably) include automatically installing stickers from steam mods (Timeframe of release: [N/A]). I just wanted to get this out first! Thanks :smile:
Download here.

What Happening With Code-Based Modding

Yeah, so code-based modding has been ramping up in recent weeks, and it seems like it may take off. Both me and Zekew are currently actively doing it. I’m considering making a dedicated discord if the current interest continues. It’s hard to know whether this stuff will take off or not. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m working/have worked on a ton of other mods but a lot of them need a lot of time and effort before release.

Til next time, Happy Modding! :smile: :smile:


Version 1.4.0 Conversion

  • Conversion: Converted mod to use the ACEOML
  • New Feature: Loading sticker from Steam Workshop (about 1-2 years late)

Roll-out status: :yellow_square:

This update brings Mod Loader support to AirportCEO Sticker Fix! The only major change is the addition of Workshop Loading. Enjoy

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Hi humoresque! At first, great job for all the hard work to make AirportCEO even more fun to play! :slight_smile:

Just a small question, with this mod I can place logo’s as large as I want right? Do I have to something (besides activating the mod) to make that happen? Because it keeps saying that the logo is to large when I try to make it larger.

Hmm it should be already enabled when you start the game, but make sure that Infinite Sticker Size is enabled in config (f1)

It is enabled, but for some reason the logo’s won’t enlarge.

Will all stickers be enlarged or only the ones that are suiteble?

Um try reloading the game once (close and restart), it only applies it on start (I should fix that)